Healing Touch

Energy is at the root of it all...


Our physical body performs many functions to keep us healthy and alive. For optimal function, the bones, muscles and organs rely on a balanced and steady flow of energy. This is where our energy system comes into play. The energy within our body is housed and travels through various energy centers and pathways throughout the body. Daily life stressors can compromise the flow of energy at various locations throughout this system, which can lead to stagnation and congestion. And with compromised energy flow comes compromised function, which leads to disease within the body.

Healing touch is an energy-based healing modality that aligns the body’s energy centers, which allows for inward reflection and outward manifestation. Gentle hands-on healing techniques help the body release stagnant energy to regain the "energy flow" required for self healing.

Research indicates that healing touch helps alleviate symptoms of the following conditions and states: anxiety, stress, headaches, wound healing, burn care, spiritual support, depression, end-of-life care, stagnation in life, muscle pain, pre- and post-surgical care, maternity care, lymphatic drainage, grief care, attention disorders, sensory processing, autism and allergies.

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