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Holistic Healing

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Live Your Love

Awaken the wisdom within to empower self-healing and live your love!

Have you ever wondered why you repeatedly have pain or are getting sick, why you keep eating sugar even though you know it’s not good for you, why you can’t move past the argument you had with a friend or significant other, or why your children keep pushing your buttons and you react by yelling or shouting? Much of it has to do with energy flow. Our amazing bodies are designed to attune to the many encounters we face in the world – that’s what makes us adaptable! There are times, however, when life's experiences cause energy stagnation in the body and we no longer move fluidly through the normal ups and downs of life. Congested energy jeopardizes our body’s natural ability to heal and symptoms arise to alert us that our internal environment is out of balance (e.g., anxiety, depression, chronic pain, negative thoughts, food allergies/sensitivities, addictive behaviors, disruptions in relationships).  

At Divine Roots Holistic Healing, we offer you time out of your busy day to connect within and identify the root cause of your energy blocks. We view the energy of the body as a language and gently guide individuals to communicate with their energy system to forge a connected relationship in order to heal. Our integrated service approach includes energy-based practices in the form of healing touch, nutrition, essential oils. and mindfulness meditations.

You have the power to awaken your Divine wisdom, heal… and live your love!

Blessings - Anne