Healing Touch


Adult Single Sessions: 60 Minutes – $75 90 Minutes- $100

Children (10 and under): 30-45 minutes $45

60 minutes Packages: 2 sessions – $142 3 sessions – $202 4 sessions – $255 5 sessions* – $375

90 Minutes Packages

2 sessions - $190 3 sessions-$270 4 sessions- $340 5 sessions $500




Initial Consultation: $130

Nutritional Coaching: 45 minutes – $65

Nutritional Workshops: In-Home Workshops

  • Bone Broth 101

  • Seasonal Tonic Elixirs

  • Seasonal Soup Series

  • Eating for the Season

Essential Oils


Personalized Essential Oil Consultations (30 minutes) – $25 Interested in knowing how essential oils can benefit your health & wellness. During this consultation you will get a chance to bring up your wellness goals and receive a list of essential oils that fit your needs and a complimentary oil to take with you.

Essential Oil Workshops (90 minutes): Pricing varies

Essential Oils 101 – Learn what they are, how to use them and dive into sampling the top 7 essential oils used by families.

Essential Oils for the Seasons – Learn how to attune the body to the seasons using essential oils. This workshop focuses on understanding the energetic principles of the season through Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. Learn what organs go with which season, how to identify when they are needing support and which oils work best for the season.

Essential Oils First-Aid Kit – Learn the top oils to have around the house to support the body through illness and injury.

Custom Create a Workshop – Let’s work together to create an E.O. class around a topic you’re interested in. Here are some ideas to get your mind going (child birth, study skills, attention). Your turn…


Mindfulness Meditation


4 Class Meditation Series: Pricing variable

Adult, Teen, Pre-Teen, Child & Whole Family Classes available

Understand the importance of meditation when it comes to calming and restoring the mind and body. Topics covered throughout the four-class series include: understanding what happens within the brain during stress and relaxed states, breath work, meditations and how to set up a successful meditation practice. Each session lasts 60 minutes and has a 4-person minimum.