Mindfulness Meditation

Bringing Spirit into Living

There is so much value in creating a sacred space to help us step out of the mind’s chatter and into the being of the heart that connects us to the Spirit within. In our fast-paced society with strong external pulls, it’s easy to get confused with the truth of our being. We are Divine natures of spirit. And meditation is a tool that helps us tap into our eternal spring where creativity, compassion, healing and love flow freely.

Western research is finally catching up to what ancient traditions have known for centuries – that meditation has positive effects on our emotional, physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, the study of epigenetics is helping us understand that our DNA expression can be changed by the choices we make in our health and lifestyle. It really is an empowering time!

At Divine Roots, mindfulness practices and meditations are taught as part of self-care and accompany individual energy healing sessions. We also offer a small group mediation series to support you in cultivating your “feeling sense,” and building a relationship with your energy centers and breath so you feel empowered to become your own healer.

Awareness is the key to change as it bridges spirit and body. It is through meditation and mindfulness practices that we cultivate such awareness to bring spirit into living.

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