Food as medicine

Traditional cultures of longevity have eaten within the natural rhythms of the seasons based on necessity and passed-down tradition. Modernization has drastically changed the way we grow, prepare and eat food. As a result, the consumption of highly processed and genetically modified foods in our modern diet has come with a cost  – the rise in degenerative disease.  

At Divine Roots, nutritional support is integrated into your services through lifestyle recommendations, which are based on a holistic model with roots in Eastern and Western food philosophies including: Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, the Longevity Diet,® allergy-friendly cooking methods, traditional food preparations and plant-herbal wisdom. The key methodologies of this combined approach integrate the energetic principles of food, eating with the seasons, pairing ingredients to produce a desired outcome within the body, supporting digestive health and alkalize the body.

Understanding your relationship with food and the power of food as medicine awakens your Divine wisdom to make lasting change.

Check out Divine Roots Nutrition Services for a list of services and unique in-home workshops set up to provide a fun way to learn, cook and create a tribe of support.